Chetna Latha Tied A Knot With Anand Kumar!

Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Chetna Latha, the daughter of veteran actress Asha Latha, tied the knot with Anand Kumar, a couple of days back, in a low-key family affair. As this is her second wedding, she kept it as a family event. Chetna worked as an assistant to director Dinesh Baboo in “Mr. Painter,” “Janumada Gelathi” and “Eradaneya Maduve.” She fell in love with him and married him in 2010. Dinesh Baboo divorced his first wife and married Chetna. His marriage life with Chetna too didn’t go well and they divorced soon. After her divorce, Chetna stays away from Sandalwood. Hope, her second marriage will keep her energetic and bring her back to Sandalwood. Wish you a happy married life, Chetna!

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