Chloe Amanda Bailey Turned Bhabhi To Indians! Why?

Thursday, February 11th, 2021

Chloe Amanda Bailey is one of the popular TV personalities and a journalist. The Australian anchor had been popular for her interaction with the netizens on social media platforms. Today, she is the talk of the internet world, as the world Bhabi is trending with her name. Why she is suddenly called Bhabi by her Indian fans is the million-dollar question here. She doesn’t know the reason why she is being called so and she tweeted on her official Twitter page, “Why did everyone start calling me their bhabhi.” She got a reply not for this question, but on another question format. Yes, a netizen asked her, “But who is bhaiya (brother)? That’s million dollar question?”

Another guy asked her in Hindi how is she and the TV star replied in Hindi and surprised everyone. She replied, “Haha ek dam mst. Aap kaise ho?” One mischievous guy asked her, “First and important question - who is teaching you Hindi ? Second question - if you are bhabhi then who is you husband ? Third question from your fans - DO u have a sister ?” and her funny reply is, “1. Bollywood, Twitter and podcasts. 2. I don’t have a husband of which I am aware 3. No sister. Sorry.” So, why is she called Bhabi? Let’s find it out!