Thursday, August 25th, 2016

1. 'Sukumari'

Sukumari as an actress she is impressive, as a supporting actress nothing much to say. She made her own throne as an actress in Malayalam film industry. Her variety appearances as a character in many films gave her a great deal of fan support and many more movies.

2. 'Lena'

It is surprising that Lena reached the top of the pile as a supporting actress. But her recent performances in many films made her as one of the best actresses in Malayalam film industry. She had a Best Supporting Actress Award and also had been nominated in the list .

3. 'K P A C Lalitha'

Lalitha chechi over the course of Malayalam films conquered the role of a female character in many films without a competition from others. Such was her talent, and she was so essential in many films. Her acting class created a humongous fan support for her and also her comedic acts boosted her popularity.

4. 'Urvashi'

Urvashi was a main stream actress during her early years. But now she is more concentrated as a supporting actress, which she is doing beautifully. She was awarded a Best Supporting Actress Award by the Kerala State for her role in the film “Achuvinte Amma” proving her decision right.

5. Kaviyoor Ponnamma

Kaviyoor Ponnamma is so famous for her mother roles she performed over the course of Malayalam films. Her role as a supporting actress was critically acclaimed making her a fine actress in Malayalam.

6. Asha Sarath

She started her journey as a dancer. Then a mini screen serial artist. Now one of the best-supporting actress in Malayalam. Her role in the film "Drisyam" helped her to rise into full thrust to fame.

7. Vani Viswanath

When Malayalam film industry needed some strong and beautiful women and then came Vani Viswanath. Her film roles as a supporting character were challenging due to the nature of the characters she needs to act. The characters were physically and mentally strong, but Vani made it so ease to perform those characters. Due to this many strong female characters in Malayalam film industry is played by her.

8. Lakshmi Gopalaswamy

Another talented actress to perform in Malayalam. Even though she is not a Keralite, she has a descent fan support in Kerala due to her talent in acting. She performed in many stage shows around Kerala as a dancer creating an all round fans for her.

9. 'Parvathy'

She is the actress of our generation. Winning the Kerala State Award for Best Supporting Actress at a very early stage helps her to rise to the position of a front line actress. The achievements she gained recently helped her to get roles in not only Malayalam but also in many other South Indian languages.

10. 'Padmapriya Janakiraman'

Padmapriya is a front line actress rather than a supporting actress. But her role in "Pazhassiraja" helped her to make her way through this list. She won the Best Supporting Actress for the roleand showcased a strong lady in it.