Sunday, July 23rd, 2017

1. Karirulu: -

The song features in the movie, Adventures of Omanakuttan, a comedy film. Arun James is the singer in the lyrics of Gururaja Bhat Kadya and Dawn Vincent. The music is unique for its darling lyrics and the bold singing by Arun James. The dancers in the song are breath-taking to watch, the choreographers made it a big hit.


2. Theyyam Thinthaka: -

The songs features in the movie,Sakhavu, starring Nivin Pauly. It has many singers like Rahul Lakshmanan, Sreekumar Vakkiyil, Haritha Balakrishnan, Niranj Suresh, Radhika Narayanan and more. The fact that it has so many songs made it a controversial music. Sooraj S Kurup, is the lyricist and Prasanth Pillai, the musician gave a good tune.

3. Arman Hazare: -

Beyond the Borders, is a controversial movie itself as it deals with the tragic events of the Indo-Pak war and this song has a political feel to it, which pumps the feeling of nationalism in our blood. Being Indian is not a sentence it’s a feeling and it’s unbreakable. Hariharan and Najib Arshad sang it with Kamal Karthik as the lyricist and Najim Arshad as the musician.


4. Kalippu Katta Kalippu: -

A music that’s calming to listen, features in the movie,Oru Mexican Aparatha, sung by Arunraja Kamaraj and Ayyappa. Manikandan is the lyricist and the musician for the song. It became controversial as the lyrics were bold and rebellious to the authorities of the government. The dance choreography has a lot of work in the song.

5. Kezhumakkanale: -

The song features in the movie, Abraham and Lincon. It’s considered controversial for its visuals, the dancers’ costumes were considered exposing for audience. It is initially from the Naadan Paatukal by Kalabhavan Mani. Rimi Tomy and Kalabhavan sang it.


6. Osama: -

A beach feel song, with Jyothirmayi dancing for a peppy beat with glamourous side dancers is a true treat to the eyes. It’s got a seductive way of dancing and it’s controversial for the costumes and the lyrics. Suchitra Karthik sang it and Santhosh Varma is the lyricist with Gopi Sunder as the music composer.


7. Vijana Surabhi: -

This song features in the movie, Bachelor Party and its theme is on prostitution. Remya Nambeesan, is the lead to the tune.It has a good background music that is very spicy and makes the viewers go gawking at Remya for her graceful dancing. It’s got a classical and traditional touch to the dressing and the music composer Rahul Raj did a professional work. Ramya, Kalamandalam Kolathapally and K.M Udayan sang it.


8. Ithiri ChakkaraNulli: -

The dancer Rasika who is a great public figure among the youths made her debut in this song with her sexy dancing and great expressions. The background music gives a sensuous feeling to the song. It features in the movie, Seniors. Jassie Gift, Imran and Anuradha Sriram sang it.

9. Ayalathe Veetile: -

An item song that features in the award-winning film, Matinee. Mythili is the dancer in this song.She looks stunning and manages to put up a great dance show for the viewers. Anand Raj Anand is the Music composer and Vinu Krishnan is the lyricist with Rashmi Satheesh as the singer.


10. Ole Ole: -

The title of the song is itself energetic and the music composer with his skills, made it in such a way that everybody would shake their legs for its fast beats. Raai Laxmi is the lead dancer, in this tune and her sexy look, both are combined together with a power packed dance choreography. It features in the movie, In Ghost House Inn. Alex Paul is the musician and Jassie Gift and Anitha are the singers.

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