Monday, March 13th, 2017

1. Bayalu Daari

This is a 1976 movie that starred Anant Nag as Gopi, an army officer .This movie was directed by Dorai - Bhagavan, and was a massive hit at that time. Melodious songs, catchy lyrics, all of this along with the actor’s charm, entices us all to watch this movie.

2. Naa Ninna Bidalare

This is a horror flick released in 1989, creating a new vision for movies at that time. Anant Nag played the role of Krishna, an honest and modest man, who is tormented by a ghost for vengeance. Horror, heavenly music and the actor’s magic has managed to grab our attention till date.

3. Chandanada Gombe

This is also a 1979 movie based on a novel. Well, this was a musical blockbuster, and the chemistry between Anant Nag and Lakshmi Narayan hit the buttons perfectly.

4. Minchina Ota

This is a 1980 movie directed by Shankar Nag, who also shared the screen with his brother Anant Nag in this film. The Nag brothers and 'C H Lokanath' are in pivotal roles. Watch this movie, and you’ll definitely have a thought lingering in your mind. The Shawshank Redemption perhaps?

5. Narada Vijaya

This is a 1980 movie where Anant Nag plays a diverse role of Narada, heaven’s messenger in the unforseen world and a common man on earth. Narada gets into a situation where he has to come down to the earth. It is a row of hilarious events after the man from heaven watches humans behave with one another.

6. Ganeshana Maduve

This is a 1990 Kannada rom-com film directed by Phani Ramachandra. It stars Anant Nag and Vinaya Prasad in the lead roles. It was a huge hit at its time and is regarded as one of the most hilarious Kannada comedy films.

7. Beladingala Baale

This was a 1995 film with a fresh concept back then. Anant Nag played the role of a chess master working in a bank, a witty Revanth. He talks to a woman over the phone and realizes that she is the one for him. Amazing movie! And the songs are the honey to the ice cream of the film.

8. Yarigu Helbedi

In this 1994 hit, Anant Nag plays the role of a broker for houses and cleverly gets back his land plot from its usurpers. And the music is an augmentation and magnet for the audience to sit back and watch it again and again.

9. Hendthig Helbedi

This is a 1989 comedy thriller film written and directed by the famous Dinesh Baboo. It shows Anant Nag and Mahalakshmi in the pivotal roles. The other supporting cast shows actors ‘Sundar Krishna Urs’, 'Devaraj', 'Tara' and Bangalore Nagesh. The film's background and songs were composed by ‘Vijayanand’.

10. 'Plus’

This is a 2015 Kannada thriller directed by Gadda Viji and produced by Yogaraj Bhat. It stars Anant Nag in the lead role with a completely different perspective. The supporting cast features many bright faces of Sandalwood like, Sudha Rani, Shalini Vadnikatti, the perfect villain P. Ravi Shankar and Chetan Chandra. Life turns upside down when the aging businessman has to face unexpected situations and scary people, and thus he decides to give a good fight. Watch the movie to know how this man gets over his problems.