Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

The Filmfare Awards are one of the first Film Awards introduced to appreciate and encourage the achievements of all the Film Industries. It was started in the year 1954 by The Times Group and was first restricted to Bollywood. Gradually, it expanded, and Sandalwood was added into consideration from the year 1969; fifteen years after it first started. It is regarded as one of the best awards a movie or a person can get for his orher achievement. Artists aim to get this award so that they get more offers and opportunities. Here is a list of the movies which won Filmfare awards in the first decade of the Filmfare awards; 1969-79.
1. Namma Makkalu
This is the first movie in the Kannada Film Industry to have won the Filmfare award for best movie in the year 1969 when it started. It stars K.S.Ashwath and Pandari Bai in the lead roles. The lucky director of this movie was R.Nagendra Rao.
2. Sri Krishnadevaraya
This is one of the oldest historical movies in the history of Sandalwood. It is also the second film which won a Filmfare award in the category best movie in the year 1970, the second year after it was started. It stars Dr.Rajkumar and N.Bharathi among others. It was directed by B.R.Pantulu, a renowned director of that time.
3. 'Sharapanjara'
Sharapanjara is one of the movies which has a very beautiful message inside it. It was directed by Puttanna Kanagal and won the prestigious Filmfare award in 1971. It is still loved by many audiences. It stars Kalpana, the Minugutaare of Sandalwood, in the lead role. It is a women-centric movie.
4. Vamsha Vriksha
This movie was directed by both B.V.Karanth and Girish Karnad in the year 1972. It was a unique movie. It was appreciated by a few audiences but failed to attract many people. It still got a Filmfare award proving its uniqueness in the year 1972.
5. 'Nagarahavu'
Nagarahavu was a movie which showed the life of a rebellious youngster. It was directed by Puttanna Kanagal and was produced by N.Veeraswamy. It starred Vishnuvardhan and Aarathi in the lead roles. It won a Filmfare award in the year 1973.
6. 'Kaadu'
Kaadu was directed by Girish Karnad based on a novel. It was a 1973 film which won a Filmfare award in the year 1974. It starred master G.S.Nataraj and Amrish Puri among others.
7. Chomana Dudi
Chomana Dudi was based on a novel written by Shivram Karanth. It was directed by B.V.Karanth. It is a story on the life of an untouchable laborer, his difficulties, and misery. It was awarded the Filmfare Award for best movie category in the year 1975. It starred M.V.Vasudeva Rao and Padma Kumta in the lead roles.
8. 'Tulasi'
Tulasi was directed by K.S.L.Swamy, famous as Ravi. It is a 1976 film which won the prestigious Filmfare award in the same year. It starred Kalyan Kumar, Manjula, Srinath, and Jayanti in the lead roles.
9. Tabbaliyu Neenade Magane
This was the first Sandalwood film in which a foreigner acted. It is about the life of an Indian man who got married to an American. It stars Naseeruddin Shah and Paula Lindsey in the lead roles. It was directed by none other than Girish Karnad and won the Filmfare award for best movie category in the year 1977.
10. Ondanondu Kaladalli
This film was also directed by Girish Karnad and its star crew include Shankar Nag and Sundar Krishna Urs. It won the Filmfare award in the year 1978. It was produced by G.N.Lakshmipathi and K.N.Narayan.