Friday, June 9th, 2023

Bollywood has been showing several genres of films. One such is showing the relationship between teachers and students ranging from not only academics but also in the field of sports. Teaching is a profession that the stories show. Here is a list of films about teaching.

1. Taare Zameen Par

The film Taare Zameen Par is a story about a young boy Ishaan, who is suffering from a coordinative disease, dyslexia. He finds it tough to follow the school, and his principal discloses his failures in class. His father does not support him. So, he is admitted to a boarding school. There he meets an art teacher Ram, who is optimistic and teaches children with developmental disabilities. He knows how to make studying fun and supports creativity by knowing the children’s field of interest. With care and proper guidance, Ishaan learns to read and write. On the last day of school, his parents are surprised to see their son’s transformation.

2. Hichki

The film Hichki is about Naina Mathur. She is suffering from Tourette syndrome. She has a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Science degree. But she is not accepted as a teacher. She gets a job as a teacher of 9F at St. Notker's School. She believes that her children will get good grades. Wadia, the 9A teacher, dislikes the 9F students. Akshay pays Shyamlal to give copies of the wrong exam to 9F. They do not cheat. At the prefect-pinning ceremony, Wadia announces that he wrongfully tried to fail the students. He praises Naina's teaching. He asks her to pin the prefect badges to her students who ranked first.

3. Nil Battey Sannata

The film Nil Battey Sannata is about Apu, a student who is least interested in studies. Her mother is Chanda, a school dropout. She works as a maid. She is a single mother. She hires a maths teacher for her daughter. But the daughter says she has to work as a maid too for lack of money. Chanda enrolls in the same school. She has good grades than her daughter. They finish their schooling together. The daughter improves and attends civil service exams. The mother tutors students who struggle with maths.

4. Mohabbatein

The film Mohabbatein is about the boy’s boarding college, Gurukul. The principal focus on tradition, honor, and discipline. He opposes romantic relationships involving students and fun. He expels any student caught involved in such cases. But Sameer, Karan, and Vicky fall in love with Sanjana, Kiran, and Ishika respectively, who are childhood friends, a young widow, and neighboring girls’ college students. Later, after a series of incidents, Narayan realizes that his strict rule of no-romance policy in the college is wrong. He apologizes to the students and resigns as the principal and nominates Raj as his successor.

5. Black

The film Black is about a blind and deaf girl and her teacher who teaches her to read and write despite being differently-abled. She is admitted to a boarding school. The teacher is an alcoholic. He decides to her express and communicates. He initially uses harsh methods to teach her. She learns to speak. She also learns to dance. She learns to read with the help of Braille. The film also tells the life of Hellen Keller. The teacher slowly starts suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. He starts forgetting his student. She later gains her degree. Afterward, she meets her teacher at the mental hospital. She remembers and respects him as her teacher.

6. Chak De India

The film Chak De! India is about hockey. In Delhi during the final minutes of a Hockey World Cup match between Pakistan and India. Kabir Khan is the Indian team captain. He takes a penalty stroke. Seven years later, Mr. Tripathi, the head of India's hockey association, meets with field hockey advocate Uttam Singh to discuss the Indian women's hockey team. They form the Indian women's hockey team. It is divided by their competitive natures and regional differences. They hire Kabir Khan as their new coach. They face many difficulties. Tripathi decides to send Khan's team to Australia for the World Cup because of their performance. They win.

7. 3 Idiots

The film 3 Idiots is about the life of engineering students. They have strict a principal. The protagonist, named Rancho is a genius. He does not believe in reading or simply mugging up textbooks. He, from a young age, could solve difficult high-level mathematics questions. He believes in following passion and only what interests people. He even encourages the errand boy of the college to attend classes if he wants. Once, when a student of the same college commits suicide due to extreme academic pressure. For this, he faces the principal revolting against producing robots instead of nurturing minds. Later, he becomes a scientist and a successful inventor with many patents.

8. Pathshala

The film Pathshala is about Rahul Prakash Udyavar. He is a new English teacher. He joins Saraswati Vidya Mandir in the Mirpurkha. Teachers and students take to him right once. Principal Aditya Sahay defends the management's choice. But the administration of the school becomes very ambitious and includes media planners in extracurricular activities. It causes stress and a strike. The principal explains the problem. He wants to resign. But all the children ask him to stay. He says that he wants to come back.

9. Super 30

The film Super 30 is about Anand. He visits the library at Banaras Hindu University to study math. He is written about in a foreign math journal. His family does not have enough money to pay for his trip to England. Anand Kumar is a student from the lower class who loves to learn. He is supported by his family. He cannot attend Cambridge because of his father's passing and his family's financial situation. Anand builds separate tuition for poor children. He understands their right to education. Lallan challenges him to a battle. The IIT exam is passed after Anand's students use their knowledge to fight.

10. Hindi Medium

The film Hindi Medium is about Pia Batra's admission to a top English-medium school in Delhi. But it is tough due to Raj and Meeta Batra's poor command of the language. They are her parents. The only way is to get admission from the RTE quota. It helps students from low-income households in receiving admission to these schools. They shift to a chawl. They pretend to be poor. Pia and Mohan are taught how to live simply by Shyam and Tulsi. She gets admission. To upgrade the Bharat Nagar Government School, where Mohan attends classes Raj and Meeta donate.