Wednesday, August 24th, 2022

Given cricket’s popularity in India and worldwide, it’s expected that this game would attract many punters. And over the years, the number of people wagering on cricket has increased. Why? Let’s use India as an example. In this case, the growth of cricket betting has largely owed to three key things. One has been the ease of wagering in recent years – anyone can place a bet by downloading an app or signing into an online website. Two has been the increase of cricket bookies in India that punters can now enjoy a variety when deciding who to trust with their wagers. And three has been the grey legal environment regarding betting, allowing people to place wagers without fear of violating the laws. These factors transcend other regions too.

With all these factors propelling cricket betting, there has been an increased need to point out which bookies live up to the hype. And we have the answer.

Which Bookie Can You Trust?

Sure – you have many options in the market. But which ones will deliver what they promise?


This bookie will come up a lot if you look up the best-performing cricket betting sites in India and beyond. That’s because it offers an array of betting options and odds. And that allows punters to find the best betting markets, capitalize on the competitive odds, and make a killing with the right predictions. This site also comes with an app that is especially useful for people who would rather avoid using mobile browsers. To top the list off with yet another perk, the variety of payment methods is quite satisfactory. Even if you do not want to link your card to the site or rely on wire transfers, you can still load money into your account and access your winnings fast and cost-effectively.

2. 22BET

This bookie excels in its competitiveness in odds. Every punter is always looking for a way to maximize winnings, even on small wagers. And when you have a bookie offering some of the best odds in the market, that is not a tall order. Furthermore, this site covers a range of matches, enabling you to get in on small and international cricket events. Loading your account should be easy, thanks to the added payment options. And if you want to avoid the website and head straight to the wagers, you can download and install this bookie’s app.

3. Bet365

This international bookie excels in many aspects. First and foremost is the wide coverage of cricket events, including the major and smaller leagues. Thus, you can always find a match on which you can place a wager and enjoy some competitive odds. Second is its navigability and beautiful layout. You can immediately find what you want on the site even when you have not used it before. And third is its offers. Like many bookies trying to remain competitive in a cutthroat industry, this bookie is not shy of offering ongoing bonuses and promotions. So, you can spend less on your wagers and still make some good money.

4. 1XBET

How would you like to enjoy live cricket? This feature makes this site a great choice as it allows you to follow the event and make wagers based on what you see. Furthermore, it boasts an array of matches and markets, so you will never be short on what you can watch or place wagers on. If that’s not enticing enough, it also comes with a generous welcome bonus which helps you lower your initial buy-in. And it offers tens of payment options, a navigable interface, and a betting app for iOS and Android users. What more could a punter want?

5. MELBet

While this site may be fairly new, it has garnered much support in the market due to its unique features. To start with, it offers an app that works on iOS and Android devices, allowing users to ditch mobile web browsers in its favor. And the app loads fast, has a navigable interface, and is light on the phone. Secondly, it offers generous welcome offers to its new users, with matched deposits, allowing you to wager with more cash than you have. And to top it all off, it covers a range of markets with good odds, which gives punters the chance to make a lot of money from their predictions.

What Makes These Sites Good Options?

Your choice of bookie impacts your betting experience and profitability. So, when choosing one, you should think about the following factors:

  1. What kind of odds does it offer? The higher the odds, the easier it will be for you to make money. That’s why it’s best to stick to the sites with higher odds, as the profits from these choices will be significant.
  2. Does the site offer a bonus? Most sites now offer welcome and loyalty bonuses. These incentives help you spend less on your wagers and make even more money than you would with your initial deposit. Given that many sites offer such perks, you should not wager on a site that will not reward you for your loyalty.
  3. Is the site easy to navigate? Figure out how easy it is to use the site. Your time should go into strategizing and watching cricket matches instead of figuring out how to use a bookie’s site. If you must spend time figuring out the ins and outs of a site, it’s best to avoid it altogether.
  4. Does it offer an app? This point depends on your preference between using an app or a mobile web browser. If the latter fits your needs, you can ignore this factor.
  5. Does the site have live streaming? If you want to watch live matches, consider this. Also, find out if live betting is an option.
  6. Are the payment methods ideal for you?
  7. How many cricket betting markets does it cover?

Finally, contact the customer care team and see how well they handle inquiries. If you dislike their responses or response rates, now is the time to run and find a better option.