Tuesday, August 9th, 2022

Since esports has not fully assimilated into the betting market, most bookmakers are wary of giving a line on it. The odds of the markets are artificially low, so the margin takes terrifying proportions. Nevertheless, there are loopholes that can be successfully applied in cyber sports betting.

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Cyber sports disciplines have developed rapidly over the past decade, which is why all the leading bookmakers accept bets on video game tournaments. Just like betting on regular athletic events, they allow you to spend time with excitement and win money.

Every year the popularity of eSports is growing rapidly, which, of course, had an impact on the development of businesses such as betting on eSports. The number of bookmaker's offices with which you can bet on cybersports games is increasing. As a result, it is not always possible for a beginner to choose the right and reliable bookmaker with whom you will not worry about your funds.

When analyzing cyber sports, pay attention to the following aspects outlined below. It will help you to stay level-headed, focused, and ready for esports betting.

Underestimation Of Underdogs And Loss Of Motivation In Favorites.

Cyber athletes have a hectic schedule. Often teams play several different tournaments on the same day. With this kind of schedule, it is very difficult to stay focused and properly distribute the concentration for each of the series of games. Additionally, players are just as prone to fatigue as any other athletes.

Players have to choose tournaments as their priority so that they can spend their energies and emotions on them. They consider smaller tournaments as a way to support their playing practice.

Strong teams can participate in regional competitions during the break between major tournaments. Bookmakers usually consider them unconditional favorites, but the leaders often in such tournaments test new game tactics, which are not always successful.

Bookmakers' Mistakes When Laying Odds

Now many tournaments have moved from the classic formats Best of 1 and Best of 3 to a more progressive format Best of 2.

In this format, a draw at the end of two games is possible, so bookmakers are forced to introduce a new betting market to the line. Very often it happens that after an easy win in the first game, the favorite team underestimates its opponent in the second game, resulting in a draw. Bookmakers are not yet well adapted to this format of cyber sports games, so draw odds are often inflated.

The Psychological Factor

Esports is one of the few sports where the psychological factor plays a key role.

In games between approximately equal teams, it is even more important than their physical conditioning. Losing to less skilled opponents leaves the favorites baffled and leaves them reeling for a long time. More often than not, the big favorites lose in the first round of a tournament.

Bookmakers are now offering Live betting on eSports.

Live Betting On Esports

Live betting, with the viewing of live games, in eSports is most often available for CS:GO, Dota 2, and LoL. If you just want to delve deeper into the essence of eSports, you can find random battles with broadcasts on the line.

Live bets allow you to bet in the course of the match, based on what you see on the screen. Such bets can have lower odds because the intrigue in the course of the competition often fades. But they are characterized by a more predictable outcome and allow you to watch an exciting battle and win.

Such bets cause a double reaction in the betting environment. On the one hand, playing in-play is always a greater risk than pre-match betting, but with a good knowledge of gaming, live betting can bring additional dividends to the bettor. You can make such bets only if you yourself play this discipline, can instantly analyze the situation and predict the opponent's actions.


In eSports betting, it is impossible to win only if you have no knowledge of a particular gaming discipline. If, however, you know the discipline not only in theory but also often spend time playing the game yourself, then you have a much higher chance of winning on such bets.

Cybersport is developing globally, it has no borders: teams are international, and advertising budgets are from international corporations that are also interested in international reach.


Is esports a quite popular betting discipline?

It’s fair enough to say that this sports discipline is not a popular betting discipline to find on a betting line. However, a lot of bookmakers are giving a go-ahead to this sport.

How to win while placing esports bets?

You need to have vast expertise in this sports discipline, be dedicated and cold-blooded, and you have to watch closely the esports games during a year.