Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

1. Rapunzel

One of the cherishing things of Rapunzel that she is not a unusual queen. Like Belle she never falls for men, she has an attractive hair which attracts people. She has a fighting skill from the surrounding and her hair is famous for hanging like a hook. She is an artist who doesn't judge by appearances but believe by living up on dreams.

2. Cinderella

She is a strong, iconic, and has a sweet personality. Many people criticize about their life and wouldn't bare any torture. In case of Cinderella she lived a torturing life where her step-mother would harass her, she need help; she got a guardian angel called fairy godmother who protected her from the evil mother and two sisters. She is the best princess who has stunning eyes.

3. Jasmine Princess

Jasmine is one princess who is strong, courageous, and brave. She wouldn't like anyone force her for marriage and waited for true love. She is a courageous woman who stays around Aladdin and makes sure that he doesn't marry her because she is rich. She is a true example of a forgiving princess, Aladdin lied towards her but she forgave him because of his love for her.

4. Anna Disney

Princess Anna is a funny and loyal one. She is the one who makes a beautiful attempt to beat all the other princesses. Elsa deal with hard problems. She touches hearts and ends up with a happy ending.

5. Ariel

She is one of the favorites for small girls. She is believer of true love and wait for the right time when she gets herself a boy. In her love-life she gets her partner where she falls for him. She has a goal and knows what she exactly wants from life. She is very brave and saves her prince many times from tough situation. She gave up her voice for Prince Eric. Atlas they both fall in love where Ariel got a success in her love life

6. Snow White

When it comes to kids, they love watching Snow White. She is not physically fit but hr inner strength was up to mark. She is called an optimistic and a kind person. She is hardworking and innocent. She loves connecting herself with animals in the forest.

7. Elsa

A emotional princess Elsa is reserved and matured princess. She never spends time in dreaming which will not become in real life. She is a protective towards her important people. She has a magical power that may use for bad or good.

8. Aurora

Beautiful princess Aurora has long wavy hair. She is magnificent, beautiful and a singer. When she saw Prince Phillip, she felt in love; it was a first sight love that she dreamt every single day.

9. Belle

Princess Belle is beautiful but doesn't maintain her style for looks. She wasn’t not hungry for men. She is intelligent, brave, kind and, adventurous; this quality shows the nature of Belle. She advices girls to impress other through their knowledge instead of expressing their looks towards the society.

10. Tiana

She is an outspoken character. She is an independent and hard-working. She is obsessed with love concept and finds a dream more than realistic. She is much matured and has a lot of talent in her that she doesn't need any men for help

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