Chandoo Mondeti was born in Kovvur located in the west of the Godavari District Andhra Pradesh. He is a well-known Telugu director. His notable talkies are Premam and Karthikeya. These cine plays does not change the name for their scenes. Both the movies received very well suggestions and expectations from the audience. The movie Karthikeya delivered in the year 2014 in Telugu. This play is a thriller mystery screenplay which was captured both Tamil and Telugu at the same time. Producer for the Talkie is Venkat Srinivas.

The actors of the drama are Nikhil Siddharth, Ramesh, Swathi Reddy and Tanikella who played the important role in the screen show. The entire screenplay is captured around the borders of TamilNadu and Andhra Pradesh with a crucial lifestyle of the Karthik and with the temple along with his Nexus. The movie delivered and around 350 screens for the first week and also about more than 40 additional screens also added after the first week of the delivery. After the delivery of Telugu version that actor commented about the release of Tamil version of the movie and its date with additional 153 screens for the opening of the Tamil version.

A positive response from all the critic’s newspapers writers like Hemant Kumar of Times of India who rated 3.5 out of 5 marks, Deccan Chronicle commented at 3 out of 5. The movie got a brilliant Outsourcing on the first day of the show it has collected nearly 23. 25 Millions of dollars for the first week. The producer Venkat receives the best producer for the year from the South Indian International Movie Awards. In 2016 he directed the movie Premam which is all around romantic. It was the remake of Malayalam movie Premam.

The cast and crew for the Telugu version are Naga Chaitanya and Shruti Hassan as the lead role along with the supporting roles of Madonna Sebastian and Anupama. The composers of the music are Rajesh Murugesan and Gopi Sundar. The song sung by Alap Raju was replaced by Karthick in Telugu. The director of the movie is alphones in Malayalam. The overall review of the cinema from is 3.25 out of 5 and the feedback from is that the music and lyrics were outstanding it was the best performance by the actor Naga Chaitanya. Despite positive responses, some of the Telugu Fans made an Online Crisis for the Action and Drama of the show.

Another Information 

Chandoo Mondeti is a director, story writer, and dialogue writer who worked predominantly in Telugu film industry. He was born in Konur, West Godavari District, in Andhra Pradesh, India. He has a wife, Sujatha and two children and is currently residing in Hyderabad, Telangana. Chandoo completed his studies from Vignan Vidyalayam High School and graduated in engineering from Sriram Engineering College. After this, he decided to pursue film making as his career. Chandoo started his career with his two friends, Sudheer Verma and Nikhil who were also his roommates.

They worked together on a film though it never released. Chandoo turned towards film making as he wanted to meet Nagarjuna and since then he started his career as an assistant director. Chandoo made his debut as an assistant director with the movie ‘Yuvatha’ that released in November 2008. Working with director Parasuram and his friend Nikhil the film revolves around a girl who is teased by some thug. It turns around a boy when he saves the girl and in order to take revenge from the thug injures one of his friends.

Next, he worked in 2011 again with Parasuram in the movie ‘Solo’. It is a romantic drama where an orphan boy wants to marry a girl of joint family to receive the love of everyone. Chandoo got his first break through the film ‘Swamy Raa Raa’ by assisting director Sudheer Verma which released in March 2013. The film had been appreciated by the critics and the audience. Chandoo Mondeti started his career as a director with the picture ‘Karthikeya’ in 2014.

Released on 24th October, it is a thriller action film starring Nikhil, Siddharth, and Swathi Reddy in lead roles. The picture was well recognized and appreciated. It was also positively received by the critics. Chandoo had also been nominated for Film fare Awards in the category of the best director as well as in the best direction category of IIFA Utsavam Award for the movie. Next, he debuted as a dialogue writer with the picture ‘Surya vs. Surya’ in 2015 which is a romantic comedy. In 2016 he came up with the movie ‘Premam’ which is a remake of the Malayalam film with the same title.

It is again a romantic drama both written and directed by Chandoo. The picture is all about the pain one faces in separation and breakups which is shown here by the story of a boy who has been in relationship thrice at different stages of life. Chandoo’s upcoming film is a drama ‘Sauyasachi’ which he has directed, and another picture with the dialogues written by him named ‘Kirrak Party’ which is a romantic comedy.