Deepak Nilambur is an Indian music director and singer, who has composed melodies in the Tamil language. He created the music for “Natpadhigaram 79” (2016), directed by Ravichandran. Nilambur directed all the six songs in the movie and sang three of them himself including two full-length title tracks “Nanba Nanba (Anbendral Neethane)”& “Thonza Thonza” and a short, one and a half minutes’ interlude song “Endhan Jeevan Azhaikudhey”.

The film had been initially finalized for a 2015 release and had five soundtracks but the crew could not acquire a distributor in time and had to push the release date further into 2016. By then, the sixth track “Sollu Sollu Chellamma”, sung by Deva and featuring Raju Sundaram, had been recorded and was added before the movie finally hit the theatres on 11th March 2018. Nilambur’s work was lauded by the audience with his songs topping the music charts all over south India, especially the super hit Chellamma.