Ratan Thakore Grant

Other names : Patrick Grant

Ratan Thakore Grant is a theater character situated in Bangalore. From theater, TV and film character, Ratan has played the hero in a few theater creations for more than two decades. Ongoing preparations incorporate Children of a Lesser God, Come and See My City from Here, Divorce Me, Darling!, Silly Cow and The Rainmaker. Film credits incorporate the honor winning film Jungle Boy (1998), Outhouse (1999) - an official Indian section to Cannes, Minus 1 (2003) and the TV arrangement Professor Vasan and South Parade. Ratan Thakore Grant has dedicated a lot of his life to the headway and engendering of theater. Award is additionally the originator of the multilingual performance center gathering MiSF!T-My Interest Stays Firmly In Theater, a name he begat as he generally felt like a maverick during his developing years being 'dyslexic and horrendously bashful'.

His assignments have included style appears, plays, and musicals. MiSF!T Theater Factory (MTF) was an idea brought about by Grant to utilize theater as an establishment to performing expressions – move, music and innovation. MTF incorporate creating plays, composing unique playscripts, translating existing play contents and changing contents to real plays. In doing as such, MTF advances free and open exchanges on the procedure of play preparations, theater styles and the job and utilization of different sorts of innovations.

""The end target is to just make theater fun, intuitive and pleasant for both the entertainers and the group of spectators, and acquire an exceptional vitality to the soul of theater in Bangalore"", says Grant. He is as of now Mentoring a Team from MSRIT in the Bangalore Theater Festival. He is encouraged and center, which will engage help him in his bringing over the long haul. His experience puts him course before some other person. His show is reliably a decision. He is a talented and actuated individual. Award has likewise been engaged with movement and move guidance for near 25 years.