Sathyajith is a veteran Kannada actor who worked in Kannada cinema for over four and a half decades and has 650 films on his resume. He is one of the senior actors who has worked since days of Dr. Rajkumar to the recent film's stars of Duniya Vijay or Puneeth Rajkumar.

Of late, he faced some sugar complaint, and as an unfortunate point in his life, his left leg had to be amputated so that it does not cause grievous injury to his life.

He grew up in the industry as a stage actor when his name used to be Syed Nizamuddin. But when he entered cinema with ‘Alla Neen Ishwara Neene'(1979), he was known as Sathyajith. He also acted in Hindi movie 'Ankush'. It is said A T Raghu gave this actor a break in Kannada cinema.

He has a son named Akashjeeth who is an upcoming actor in Kannada. His daughter is Akthar Swalehal is a pilot. It is said father Sathyajith sold his bungalow at Rs 36 lakhs to impart education to his daughter at Yoko Hama in the United States of America. Today, the actor Sathyajith is living in his Hegde Nagar House in Nagavara colony on outskirts of Bengaluru

Sathyajith is popular for movies like 'Bombay Dada' (1991), a Kannada film, 'Indrajith' (1989), 'Police Lockup'( 1992), a Kannada movie by K.V. Raju, 'Time Bomb' (1994), 'Yama Kinkara '(1995), a film by Tiger Prabhakar ’Jackson; (2015), 'Rana Vikrama' (2015), 'Ranna' (2015), ;Mahaveera Maachideva’ (2016), ‘Daasa’ (2003).

In films like ‘Daasa,’ the actor played pivotal roles, and he accompanied all leading actors like Darshan, Prakash Raj, Vishnuvardhan, Upendra, V. Ravichandran, Jaggesh, Vijay Raghavendra, etc.

His last movie was 'Virat' and 'Mahaveera Mchideva (2016). It is sad that after he lost his left leg, the film industry did not stand by his side. Although he received the support of few Kannada film artists, the condition that the actor has faced, he should have received the wholesome support of the film fraternity. Today, he has a wooden leg and leads a life that is behind the camera and arc lights.