Sanketh Kashi, an actor of immense reputation in Kannada film industry who unfortunately died this year at the age of 62. The Sandalwood actor was known for his acting skills and talent. He acted in various Kannada movies and showcased his unique mannerisms while acting. Viewers and cine-goers also loved him for his impeccable dialogue delivery. His humorous character roles in many movies made him receive many compliments.

He was popularly called "Sanketh" Kashi because of his close alliance with Sanketh Troupe. The theatre play group was led by yesteryear actor Shankar Nag. Shankar Nag was an Indian actor, screenwriter, director, etc. He had a close relation with Sanketh Kashi. The actor came from a city in Karnataka called Shivamogga. He completed his Bachelor of Science degree and got graduated. The Acting was his preferred choice of profession after completion of his graduation.

He started his acting career in theatres and honed his skills there. He spent a lot of time working as a theatre artist and later on made his movie debut in 1989. His first movie was "Madhu Masa" was a Kannada movie directed by V. Narayana Swamy. Since then he became a regular presence in Kannada films. He went on to act in more than 115 movies. Mostly known for his comic roles in his movies, Sanketh Kashi, won the hearts of viewers with his acting performances. He was the lead in the movie "Nanna Hendathi Chennogidole".

The Kannada movie released in 2000 was directed by Dinesh Babu. He was part of many well-known movies like "Kirathaka", "Manedevru", "Annanya", "Aramane", etc. He received many accolades and applause during his career. He is fondly remembered for his role in "Ulta Pulta". That movie was directed by N.S. Shankar and starred recognised faces Kannada actors like Ramesh Arvind and Sushma Veer alongside Sanketh Kashi.

"Ulta Pulta" was an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s popular narrative work or play named "Comedy of Errors". He was an elite actor in the Sandalwood film industry who succeeded in the industry only through his hard-work and talent. The actor was admitted to a hospital at Moodalpalya but lost his life due to cardiac arrest on the month of August 2016. The veteran artist made an impact with his works both in theatres and movies throughout his career. He was a humble man and was well respected by his colleagues in the Kannada Film Industry. His fans and family members mourned his sudden death this year.