Naveen Thirthahalli is an actor in the south Indian film industry. He has done predominant work in Kannada and Telugu. He is mainly a theatre artist, who has been part of many plays and including street plays. The actor was very determined and passionate about making his mark in the film industry. As soon as he finished college, Naveen began vigorous training in acting. He always aspired to be an actor and even practiced karate to perform stunts in films. He did intense training in the gym for years.

Before the actor landed lead roles in films he acted in many short films, and even Television serials. Naveen made his big-screen debut in the Kannada film industry with the film ‘Baragaala’. He also acted in the popular film ‘Karigambaliyalli Midinaaga’ directed by Yathiraj Verambudhi and featured Naveen Thirthahalli and Chirashree Anchan in the lead roles. ‘Andhagaara’ is a Kannada suspense thriller movie, which released in 2018.

The movie was directed by Jayakumar Manikkam and featured Nandish, Naveen Thirthahalli, and Harish Gunjar in the lead roles. Apart from the Kannada industry, Naveen has acted in Telugu movies as well. ‘Duppattlo Minnagu’ is a Telugu movie, directed by Yendamuri Veerenranath and featured Naveen Thirthahalli, and Chirashree Anchan in the lead roles. In an interview, Naveen stated that he would have been a Charted Accountant if not an actor.