C. H. Lokanath is a veteran stage and film actor who predominantly kept his association with the Karnataka region. For his love for acting, he has appeared in a 1000 plays and even made an appearance in over 650 movies. The actor was even associated with a very popular TV serial, ‘Malgudi Days’, which was directed by Shankar Nag on Delhi Doordarshan. For his long association with film and stage creativity, people in the industry fondly have called him ‘Uncle Loknath’.

A Doyen of the Karnataka film and theater field, the actor is best known for playing roles of ‘Galileo’ and even ‘Ghost‘. Later, since 1970, he became extremely busy with the cine film doing various character roles, including a cobbler role in a recent film. To get into the skin of a cobbler role, the actor used to watch a cobbler sitting in front of his house near the bus stand, and he proceeded to emulate his body language in a Kannada film, ‘Bhootayyana Maga Ayyu‘. The actor has also played both significant and insignificant roles, but is known as one of the versatile actors in the Kannada film industry. It is difficult to count the best roles that he played in the film industry, but it is almost certain that nobody can deny his long association with filmmaker G.V. Iyer who taught him the basic requisite needed for an actor before the camera. When he made his debut in acting, it was undoubtedly a field in which old-aged concepts of family sentiments did make his path detrimental to the interest of family members. But his slow progress and vast courage, discipline and total support of film fraternity, encouraged him to win a recognition for which his family members are proud today. The actor gets so much engrossment to act that even a mild chest pain did not deter him from leaving the stage. With more dedication and honesty, the actor has reached a zenith in his career, and has a hope that he would die one day while performing on stage.

The actor was born on 14 August, 1927, in Karnataka, and made the state name proud by his dedication to theater and films.