Uday Leela is an Indian Cinematographer well-known for his work in the South Indian film industry especially, in Kannada and Telugu languages. He worked as a cinematographer in movies like Appe Teacher (2018), ‘Tuesday is a Holiday’ (2021), short films like ‘Kezha’ and ‘Operation LSD.’ Uday was also a part of ‘Sankashata Kara Ganapathi’ (2018), ‘Inject 0.7’ (2019), Malgudi Days (2020), and ‘Mangalavara Rajaadina’ (2021). He has also worked as the director of photography for the film ‘Gajanana and Gang’ (2021), ‘Karmanye Vadhikaraste,’ and the short film ‘Neo’ (2019). So far, Uday has worked in the Sandalwood entertainment industry. His upcoming movies include ‘Aana’ and ‘Baang.’