Kartik Sabharwal is an Indian model and a Television actor. He was born on 27th November in New Delhi, India. He feels that number 9 as the lucky number for him, as his birth date is 27 which become 9 after addition and his house number, car number, birth time etc. all sums up to 9. He did his schooling and graduation from New Delhi and later he came to Mumbai in the year 2003 for his career.

At the start of his career he did modeling for some famous fashion designers. He did more than 70 advertisements during his modeling career. He got his first role as an actor in the serial “Kyun Hota Hai Pyar”. After this he got the role in the show “Tumhari Disha” which was telecasted on Star Plus channel. Though it was a short role but he gained much from it. After that he got the role in the serial “Bhabi” which was telecasted on the Star Plus again. He got another popular show on Star Plus, “Kumkum” which displayed a good TRP chart. This show started in 2002 and ended in the middle of 2009. The lead of the show was Kumkum and Kartik got the role of Abhishek who was Kumkum’s son-in-law. He really got popular through his role of “Bhavishya” in the serial “Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann”. The show started in 2006. It was a negative role. After this he got the lead role in Zee’s show “Rakhi”. But he left the show because he didn’t like the role. He was playing a role of father of a six year old boy in the show and he thought that he don’t want to play the role of father for next fifty years. So he decided to leave that. In one of his interviews he mentioned that his dream is to work with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.