Nakul Kamte is known for his handiwork on Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India (2001). Rang De Basanti (2006) and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013) are some of his other works. Nakul Kamte is one of the peaks influential and presented sound designers in the Indian Film Production.

He currently won the 57th Filmfare Awards 2011, a correct commemoration of distinction in Indian Cinema held in Mumbai. He received it for the film Don 2 for The Best Sound Design. Created in Mumbai and possessor of Hearing Binaural.

He brags a fortune of understanding in recording, proofreading and combining sounds for action films. He is predominantly famous as a ground-breaking live recordist portraying resonances around the world. Positively Nakul Kamte is accredited with having appreciably helped the Film Industry (which initially favored to have to dub over soundtrack) to appreciate the significance of sound.

Therefore, choose ambient jingle and conversations filmed on the scene. Kamte is the Sound Engineer for Leo DiCaprio's Film. On Why the Hollywood Superstar Is true nature admirer. At first, he was told not to look at Leo, do not address to him, but once they understood he is passable, they spoke.

The sound engineer recollects as a smirk plays on his lips. He's the man after the on-spot sound and audio mixing Before the Flood, a movie on weather modification that's directed by Fisher Stevens, and hosted by Hollywood actor, Leonardo Di Caprio. Kamte, 57, has succeeded on cinemas like Rang De Basanti (2006) and Lagaan (2001) beforehand.

The strict orders are to stay away from Leo, which had much to do with the publicity about him as wellbeing concerns. But, Kamte was like Leo doesn't have an Oscar, Fisher does [the actor achieved an Academy Award for 'The Revenant' soon afterward'.

Kamte is an instrumentalist in the '80s, collaborating with music directors like Ehsaan Noorani. He says he turned into a sound engineer after marching into a studio to tape a song and was not pleased with the aftermath.

So, the engineer decided that he should understand how to do this himself. Nakul began by operating on Bhopal Express in 1999, and then went on to make an on-spot sound for Dil Chahta Hai (2001), and Lagaan which propelled him into the major league.

Before the Flood needed on location sound for all the scenes organized by DiCaprio, with campaigners, cultivators and government officials. Leo worked intensely on this and is well alert of the particulars and statistics.

He even told a woman, a knowledgeable on the matter that he thinks she has some incorrect data. The lady claimed she was accurate, but he indicated out that he had lately spoken to many individuals and knew she was mistaken.

He did get to chitchat with DiCaprio in the end, and when that chanced, it was about the natural environment, of course. He asked Nakul pointed difficulties, and Kamte gave directed solutions. Although their opinions varied from each other. Unfortunately, the sound director cannot tell us everything. His NDA (non-disclosure agreement) was ten pages long! (now that’s long).

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