In the animation profession, Ashish S.K. is regarded for being the most dedicated and lively personality. He has established world-class animation studios in India, generated the finest unique Indian animated content, and completed and sold multiple animation films for Hollywood companies. As C.E.O. of Reliance Animation, Ashish is currently in charge of the company. He has pushed Reliance Animation to new heights, establishing it as India's best animation company for original I.P. production. Under his vision and capable guidance, the Indian Animation Industry is rising as a powerhouse in original content development. He has raised and taught a generation of artists and animators who can produce high-quality animated work on par with their international rivals. His achievements have earned him the "Face of Indian Animation" title as the most regarded and sought-after Indian animation guru globally. For decades, Indian Animation has been positioned as an outsourcing hub for western heavyweights in the field. Still, it has just recently gained recognition for its work, which is a big step towards the industry's consolidation and charting.

His tireless efforts to provide artists in India with the newest technology to thrive and excel in Animation have carried him to isolated areas across the country, where he has discovered and groomed artistic genius. Sculptors from Mahabalipuram, Ramnagaram, Chanapatna, and painters from Thanjavur, Odissa, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and West Bengal were discovered during Ashish's search. This sincere endeavor by Ashish to bring forth India's creative skills with roots in culture and heritage has been documented in Thomas Friedman's book "The World Is Flat." In addition, Ashish produced 'Little Krishna,' India's first high-end 3D animated T.V. series. While winning multiple international and national awards, the series also became the first-ever Animation content generated in India to be broadcast on Nickelodeon (India). They went on to become the country's most popular children's program. This series is credited with igniting India's original content revolution and instilling confidence in ambitious artists and professionals that the government can produce world-class material at home. The series' DVD sales are among the highest-grossing in India.

"Little Krishna" was also nominated for Best Animated Series at the A.T.F. in Singapore and for Best Animated T.V. Series at the Annecy 2010 festival and the New York Festival 2010. At the 24FPS in 2007, Ashish received the Mover & Shaker Award, the National Education Leadership Award from I.E.D.R.A. (Indian Economic Development & Research Association) in 2009, the Indira Super Achiever's Award from Indira Group of Industries in 2009, the National Education Leadership Award from Indian Economic Development And Research Association in 2009/10, and the Shiksha Bharati Award from Indian Achiever's Forum 2 in 2010.