Omar Sharif was an actor who had left an indelible mark on cinema. Known for his intelligence, elegance, talent and style that he showcased in his movies, the actor was one of the few Arab actors to achieve such a mega success in Hollywood. The actor rose to prominence after he appeared in the David’s Lean much acclaimed movie 'Lawrence of Arabia’ (1962). This film paved the actor to reach a new height in stardom. This was Omar’s first film in Hollywood. It is said that for the role as Sherif Ali which Omar Sharif had portrayed many actors were offered the role. Even Indian actor Dilip Kumar was chosen earlier for the role. But when other actors were not found suitable, Omar was shifted to the part of Ali. This role fetched Omar Gloden Globe Award for the best supporting actor, and he has been adjudged the new star of the year too. Omar’s unparalleled performance in ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ even paved this actor to get nominated for best supporting actor in Academy Award (Oscar).

Before making his presence felt in Hollywood circuit, the actor had acted in 20 Egyptian films earlier. Soon he became Hollywood player and appeared in ‘Behold a Pale Horse’(1964) alongside Gregory Peck and Anthony Quinn. In the same year, he was signed in for another Hollywood epic film ‘Genghis Khan’. In this film, Omar played the title role. In the same year, he starred in another epic ‘ Doctor Zhivago, which fetched him another Golden Globe. In this film Sharif played the title role of Zhivago. Director Lean’s original choice was Peter O'Toole, but he had turned down the role. Even other actors like Max Von Sydow and Paul Newman were also considered, but they too were not considered. Hence, Omar was second time lucky to get another Golden Globe award for best actor. He was indeed a legacy with not one but multiple timeless classics. Omar Sharif was an icon of the Hollywood screen. His other notable Hollywood films are ‘Funny Girl’ and ‘The Tamarind Seed’. The actor was born on 10 April 1932, Alexandria, Egypt. The actor was a chain smoker which had an effect on his health. He was also world's top 50 bridge player. He also appeared in many TV series. The actor had passed away due to a heart attack on 10 July 2015 in Egypt when he was aged 83.