Mark Radcliffe took birth on 29th June of 1958. Professionally, he works for the broadcasting and writing, With this, he is the musician. He took birth in the Bolton of England. His most famous work as the broadcaster is for the British Broadcasting Corporation. Since 1980, he has worked in many roles for it. He gave starting to his career as the broadcaster into local level commercial radio at the city Manchester. He did this before taking his attention towards national level radio station BBC. There he made his relationship with Marc Riley, who is a guitarist professionally.

Then in 1991, he made his attention towards BBC Radio 1. His breakfast show on the Radio 1 and afternoon show was awarded with “Sony Radio Academy” award. After Leaving Radio1 during 2004, he moved to work with Radio 2 on BBC. He even worked to present various shows of BBC which covered the festival “Glastonbury”. He even worked as the presenter on BBC Radio 2. There he showed the “Folk Show”. Then, on the music of “BBC Radio 6,” he served and co-hosted along with “Stuart Macoine”. It was an afternoon show in weekday “Radcliffe and Maconie”. While talking about his personal life, he took birth in Bolton. He completed his education from the school “Bolton” and the university “Manchester”.

The studies he completed here includes “English, American Studies as well as Classical Civilisation”. When he was of young age, he got interested in music. He played drums in many bands during his school and university timing and also during working time. On 2007, he is staying at Whitley. He supports the city “Manchester”. During 2011 of July, he received “Doctorate of Letters” from the “Bolton” university. When he was in his school days, he stayed the part of various bands. This includes the band show “Skewdriver” but after this, he got transformation into “White Power Outfit”. His later career was started during 1982 with the radio “Piccadilly”. There he served for hosting the show of Friday night called “Cures for Insomnia”. After this, he hosted for “Transmission”.

Talking about his career into Radio 5, he appeared as “DJ” onto “Radio 5” of BBC. This got a great fame into Northside. He also marked his presence into “Cult Radio”. After twenty years, on 2009, he appeared as the presenter there. This was the displacement for the afternoon timing show “Simon Mayo”. He also presented a live music program “The White Room”. This was for “Channel 4” four series during the duration 11th June 1994 till 23rd August 1996. He has also worked on the quiz programme, which was based on music.

During 2014, he worked as the narrator for “Call the Council”. He is the writer of the novel “Northern Sky”. It was near the club “folk music” in the city “Northern English”. It was the publication of 2005 Then his another book related to his career and life “Thank you for the Days” got published during 2009. Then during 1983, he started his career at BBC Radio as the producer. He worked out to produce “John Peel” sessions. He is the producer for “Count Arthur Strong” for “BBC Radio 4”.