Sose Thanda Sowbhagya is a Kannada show under the genre of Drama that broadcasts on Zee Kannada TV India which aired on 5 March 2012. Directed by K S Ramji the serial consists of one season are each episode is of twenty-four minutes approximately. The theme music of the show is given by Praveen D Rao a well-known personality in the music industry. The production company of Sose Thanda Sowbhagya is Soundaraya Creations. The serial is well proclaimed and likeable among its viewers.

The essence of typical Indian drama in rightly adapted. The storyline begins with the introduction of two daughter-in-laws in a family who are the wives of only sons of the house. All the family members are unknown to the inner-self of the women who have just arrived in their household. Among the daughters, one wants to break the house, but other wishes to keep all members of the family together in a loving relationship. Both of them are exactly opposite to each other. The names of the characters are Gayatri and Anjali, where Anjali plays the role of good wife and Gayatri, the villain. The lead roles are enacted by famous actresses Sushma K. Rao and Nikhila Tara as Anjali and Gayatri respectively, along with C R Simha, Marine Tara, Shishir Shastry and Varshinikusuma.

Sushma is a very talented Malayalam actress who started her career as a professional dancer of Bharatanatyam. She soon got the lead role in the serial Gupta Gamini and went on heights with the show Yaava Janmada Maitri in which she played a triple role. After a failed marriage of six years, she has not lost hope and works as a host for many reality shows. The other actress who plays the negative role is Nikhila as Gayatri, is a goal-oriented woman who begin her career at a young age. Soon she became famous and instead of grasping all the offers she received she made intelligent decisions. She did not want to be hasty in her career; rather she wanted a swift status level in the industry and a respectable position.

Both the women characters fight against each other in the serial while one desires to unite the other wishes to destroy. It is the real life depiction of modern families where two women come and destroy the peace in the house for their personal benefits. Sose Thanda Sowbhagya is a very intense show and must be watched by all the women as it represents the difference between good and bad, it makes easier for those women, who wish to destroy the decency of a household for their ego, to understand the significance of a joint family.