This drama has a base of a historic poet named Tenali Ramakrishna, who was one of the greatest honorable poets at the court of Emperor Krishna Dev Acharya of Vijay Nagar. He was one of the great eight poets. They were called the “Ratnas of the court.” Tenali Rama was famous mostly for his wit and humor, and through this, he solves different problems of the emperor.

The story shows the life journey of Tenali Rama, a boy who got a gift from the Goddess Kali for becoming a renowned poet at the court of Krishna Deva. Fifteenth-century BC is the plot of the drama.

The story shows two central characters, the hero Tenali Rama, and the antagonist, and his arch-rival Tathacharya – who is a jealous and hateful character. He always tries to humiliate Tenali to downgrade him. Tenali became a very close associate of the King and a legal advisor. He also saved Vijay Nagar from several enemies by his intelligence.