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Bengali Tv Serial Nath

Nath  Bengali TV SERIALS on Dangal TV

Nath is a drama serial that aired on Dangal TV. The show was produced under the banner of Story Square Productions. “Nath" revolves around the tale of Mahua, a village girl married off to Shambhu due to financial strains. Family drama heats up, especially with Shambhu's older brother, Ramesh, throwing shade. Mahua faces threats, but Shambhu steps in, stirring up family tension. Mahua tackles the challenges of life. Things twist when Mahua, gets accidentally hitched to Shambhu, not Bundi.

This sparks family chaos, and Bundi seeks revenge. Slowly, the community warms up to Mahua, despite some initial presumptions. Adhiraj- another negative character enters. He is Shambhu's undercover brother, who tries to stir up hidden family secrets. Meanwhile, Bundi pulls a fast one with a fake pregnancy, trying to shake up Mahua's world. With a bit of help from Ammaji, Mahua, blows the lid off Bundi's tactics. Mahua's buddy Tara adds spice, seeking revenge on Shambhu.

Eventually, Bundi learns the truth and takes things into her own hands, leading to Shambhu's demise and framing Mahua. Aryan, Shambhu's friend, initially suspects Mahua but later discovers her innocence. Life throws a curveball when Mahua accidentally ties the knot with Aryan. Soon Mahua gets pregnant, bringing joy but also family pressure. Aryan's dad dreams of a grandson. Mahua gives birth to two twin daughters, and the family is disheartened. One kid gets taken away, unbeknownst to Mahua, which leads to a misunderstanding with Aryan. They end up raising one daughter each. Fast forward five years.

Mahua and her daughter Krishna lead a simple life, while Aryan, now eyeing a wedding with Kajol, raises his daughter Gauri. Twist: Gauri and Krishna become very excellent friends at school. Kajol stirs up drama, trying to win Aryan's heart, which he's got reserved for Mahua. What happens when these long-lost sisters get to know about the truth? Will their parents ever be together again? The rest of the story deals with that.