Urdu Tv Serial Goodbye To Goodbye

Goodbye To Goodbye Urdu TV SERIALS on Zindagi TV

K drama lovers have been increasing in size irrespective of their traditions. This Urdu dubbed version attracted its fans by its unique storyline. The fact that the two main leads of the drama happen to share a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law bond is an added flavour to it. Young Hee, a woman who tried to cope up with the unfavourable attitudes of her husband for decades, finally decides to leave him. The sudden decision arises out of her mind when she comes to know about his affair with another woman.

At the same time, Jung Hyu is impregnated by her boyfriend who insists upon her getting the child aborted. She wanted to carry the baby and so she searches for a place to peacefully settle down for a while. She moves into the apartment with Young Hee who happens to be the mother of her boyfriend. They together develop a bond that is exceptional and support each other in their endeavours.