Urdu Tv Serial Damsa


Damsa is a Pakistani crime drama television series. Crime Drama is a genre of shows in which the story is about a crime and the happenings around it. Many times these shows depict true stories but with a dash of fiction. This is a very popular genre on television and in movies. The show Damsa explores the gritty world of child trafficking and shows the darkest criminal side of posh cities. The show has been written by Asma Nabeel and directed by Najaf Bilgrami. The show has been produced and created under Asmaira and Kashif Dossani, Shazia, and Wajahat Rauf under their production company Showcase productions.

The show stars talented actors. Nadia Jamil, who is a very popular Pakistani actress and host, makes a comeback with the show after her cancer treatment. Apart from her, there are other supremely talented people like Emaan Sheikh, who plays the titular role of Damsa. Shahood Alvi, Falak Naeem, Ayesha Gul, and many more talented faces from Pakistani television industry stars in the show. The show airs on the popular Pakistani channel, Hum TV. The show originally aired on ARY Digital but was later purchased by Hum TV where it also achieved more popularity. The show started airing in 2019 and lasted on television till January 2020.