Urdu Tv Serial Abro


Abro is a family drama serial from Pakistan which is about two siblings who have lost their father. The director of the show is Ilyas Kashmiri, and it’s based on a script by Qaisra Hayat (writer of Pul Sirat) .It is originally in the Urdu language. There are total 24 episodes in all, each being of 35 to 40 minutes long. The show questions younger generation regarding their lifestyle, perspective on life and other people and the importance of understanding others and treating them right.

The show became very popular right after its telecast, and also in other countries like the UK, averaging 60,000 views per episode. The show was the most watched on the channel on Sundays in Pakistan. In the first episode, we come to know about Abroo (Mehreen Fayyaz) who is playing the lead character in the show is the daughter of Sakina (Asma Abbas).Sakina is very loving and nurturing mother. She tries her best to take care of their children.

She works at schools and houses as a maid to support her little family. She is uneducated and widower. She has faced a lot of problems with her husband’s death and the only thing that now she looks forward to is her children getting a good education and become successful in their lives, whereas, Abroo has a fully different attitude towards everything and does not care about her mother or brother. She has completed matriculation and is proud of that being the most educated on the neighbourhood. She is very rude to his father and thinks of herself as a queen. The show tries to put up the general mentality of teenagers these days and how they deal with their lives. She desperately wants to get into the college, but her low grades are stopping her.

She is always on the phone with her boyfriend Ali (starring Noor Hassan). Like any teenager, she only cares about makeup, dresses and shopping. She is even very careless as a tuition teacher. This is Sakina’s daughter, now talking about her son Hamid (Imran Ashraf), who is totally wrecked and roams around throughout the day. The only thing he is seen doing in shouting at both his sister and mother. Ali belongs to respectable middle-class family and values education a lot.

He couldn’t complete his studies after his FA due to some health issues. He has a small job now. Their parents want him to marry her Fouzia (Zainab Ahmed), who is pretty interested, but Ali has no such plans. When Abroo got the chance to get into college her only concern was to meet her boyfriend. She has no interest in education. The college principal scolds her to work hard and to refrain from wasting her time around but the only thing she does is bunk classes with other girls and gossip. We have to see how everything unfolds and whether they’ll learn the lesson or not.