Telugu Tv Show Z10 Years Celebrations

Z10 Years Celebrations Telugu tv-shows on ZEE TELUGU



After completing 10-years of its journey, Zee Network channel showcased a big event called Z10 Years Celebration. In this function, all the members of the TV and movie industry were invited. It was an evening filled with fun, great dance performances and awards. Audiences were entertained by energetic performances by Avika, Mudhrima, Adah Sharma, Rashi Khanna, Hamsa, Pranitha and Tamanna. The channel also gave away awards to appreciate the hard work put in by the cast and crew of all the Zee Telugu Serials. Among all the glitz and glamour of the show, the channel announced, the famous actor Tamanna Bhatia as their brand ambassador.

The journey of Zee Telugu wasn’t an easy one. Zee Telegu an Indian channel, which is owned by the Zee Network and partly by the Essel Group. Zee had already established it’s mark on the east and north Indian states. Coming up with the idea of a Telugu channel was the first step towards the southern region of the country. After a lot of speculation Zee Telugu was finally release in September of the year 2004. In the initial years, the channel showed dubbed Hollywood and Bollywood films. In the year 2005, the agency had to remake it’s strategy because of the decrease in their market share and made a huge loss because of it. They moved their target audience from the mass market to the younger audience. Slow and steadily the agency started gaining momentum.

In the year 2006, Zee Telugu launched “ Sa Re Ga Ma Pa”, a Telugu singing competition. This show had a lot of big names from the industry like; Suneetha, Koti and Ramana Gogula. This show gave the channel the boost that it required. This series became so loved by the audiences that Zee decided to launch the same show for kids. Along with this show, other shows like “ Mee Inti Vanta” increased the market value of the channel. Mee Inti Vanta a Telugu cooking show, which premiered more than 1,000 episodes. Through this show, the channel grabbed the attention of the female viewers and became a huge hit during the afternoon hours. This show was anchored by the famous anchor Sumalatha. Another show which bought high viewership to the channel was an anthology show, named Midnight Masala. This show was viewed by adults but was also criticised by some people for being fiery for Telugu television. In the year 2015, the channel celebrated it’s 10th anniversary. Today Zee Telugu has become a household channel for every South Indian.