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Thadaka Telugu Tv shows on Etv telugu

Thadaka - Keka Petinche was a comedy show which every viewer loves with all his heart. The show came on air on 6th June 2014 on ETV Telugu. It is a mimicry and comical reality show. The show began with the lightning of holy lamp. The comedy show has two very humorous anchors as well; one is Anasuya, and other is Shiva Reddy. The master of mimicry HariKishan and the beautiful UdayaBhanu were the judges. In each episode there were two titles “Best Performer of the day” and “Best script writer of the day” and both of them win Rs 5000 each. The judges announced the two titles after the five performances of the day. The first episode had 5 teams with a total of 25 participants.

In season 1, there was a total of 18 episodes. The season had Oppa Gangnam Style as its main background music. The first show came out on 6th June, followed by next episode on 13th June and similarly one episode every week. In each episode, every team would come and perform and after each performance both the judges gave them scores out of 20. The Grand finale was on 3rd October 2014. In the final, score of all episodes of each team was summed up. Comedy Khiladis got the least scores of 515.

Laughing launchers secured the fourth position for them with a score of 531. The winners of the show “Sharif” team won the cash prize of 5 lakhs with a score of 589, and the runner-up Shataram team took home a cash prize of 3 lakhs with 580 scores. The show won the hearts of millions of viewers. It was a laughing riot and a competition to many other comedy shows. Not only this, the participants completely enjoyed themselves and played a fair game. The show came to an end after spreading a lot of joy and happiness.