Telugu Tv Show Super Mom

Super Mom Telugu tv-shows on ZEE TELUGU

Super Mom is a reality show which got aired on the Zee Telugu channel. It is a Telugu language program which got broadcasted in the 9:30 PM time slot. It premiered on Indian television screens on 14th September 2012. It features ten women from the Telugu television industry who are all renowned celebrities. They come on the show to compete against one another and win the ultimate title of Super Mom along with the grand prize which is up for grabs. The women are not alone . However, they fight it out along with their kids in a variety of entertaining challenges. The series got hosted by the ever charming Prabhakar and he gets joined in this with his young daughter. The duo makes a perfect combination for the women and their kids competing on the program. The concept is a unique one on Indian television and was widely appreciated by the audiences.

All the ten celebrity mothers invited onto the show are extremely popular names from within the Telugu television industry whom viewers love and adore. They participate in a wide variety of challenges with their son or daughter in tow. They have all been a part of some famous TV soaps or other types of film-based programs and get known and recognized by viewers quite well. Some of the more famous names in the episodes include the likes of Preethi Nigam, Shruthi, Lavanya Lahari, Bhavana, Usha, Kranthi, Lakshmi Kanakala, Uma, Mahathi and much more. These ten ladies and their kids add a layer of fun and innocence in the show which makes it a unique venture compared to other reality shows. The shows also explore the relation between mother and child as they share stories about each other which are close to their hearts. The ladies also speak freely and share some of their most cherished memories. A lot of things get touched upon, and an emotional bond gets forged with the characters.

The show captures this love and affection amidst the mother and her child with beauty and grace. A variety of stories ranging from their experiences, their joys, and sorrows in their lives get covered. Audiences too appreciate this combination of fun and games with a personal touch. The show forms an interesting and engrossing watch. Both viewers and critics alike have liked the show. It hence became amongst one of the channel’s better performing shows when it was getting aired.