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"SAKHI" means Friend in the same manner this Show is the Best Friend of all the ladies sitting in their homes and having a desire to learn something new. Friendship is a strong mutual bond between two people in the same manner the Show "Sakhi" is the friend of every Woman giving her a chance to grow. The channel ETV News displays the Show. A Woman is the fundamental support of a family. She is the one who takes care of everyone, converts a house into a place of affections. The Mother is the first teacher of every child. With Women holding such an importance, it becomes necessary to help them create a better environment at home.

The knowledge passed on to a woman is conveyed to each and every member of the family. The program has been designed specifically for the female viewers. It helps them to maneuver their energy in something productive and also acts as a rostrum where one can promulgate their talents as well as make it known to other women watching the Show. The World of a Woman revolves around the people she loves. The thought of amelioration of the family is always on her mind and the continuous pressure to sustain an equilibrium between work and home.

With so much going on in life, this show gives her the chance to learn and manage life in a simple and easy manner. The Show "Sakhi" is all about innovation and knowledge. It provides the information about various things to the viewers and also helps them in learning to make something new and distinct. In one of the episodes of Sakhi, the viewers were told about the different types of sarees available in the market, kind of material used in the making, the cost of the sarees, etc. In another episode, the making of various kind of artifacts like the pair of birds made with the help of the ribbons and pearls was shown.

Beauty is really simple if one thinks about it. In one of the episodes, A cotton basket was taught to make. A spool of cotton was converted into a beautiful basket with the help of some glue, ribbons, and a bulb. The instructions to make a handmade lamp were given on the Show. The stems and leaves made of clay were placed in a plastic bowl with the help of red and wooden color glue respectively. "Sakhi" has become one of the most popular Shows among the female viewers. It gives them a chance to learn and reconnoiter new things and the world out there.