Telugu Tv Show Omkaram

Omkaram Telugu tv-serials on ZEE TELUGU

The Word "OMKARAM" comprises of the word "OM". "OM" is a sacred sound and is taken as a spiritual icon. The symbol is holy in the religion Hinduism and refers to the connection of the soul with the godly. The Show "OMKARAM" is an Astrology based show and also addresses solutions on general topics related to all categories of viewers. The Show is one of a kind on the Telugu Small Screen. The Show started in the year 2013. The Show is broadcasted on Zee Telugu at 9:30 AM in the morning and goes on for one hour dealing with all kinds of problems of the viewers and then finding the solutions for them.

The famous Guruji Sree Rama Swamy Devishree is popularly known as "Omkaram Baba." Sree Rama Swamy Devishree is one of the youngest citizens to be involved in the social services. He has been working to provide education to economically challenged children by providing them scholarships, donating books, stationery, and uniforms. He was the first one to come forward to bring the concept of the astrological spiritual weekly magazine. He has received several honorary titles and has also imparted his astrological knowledge and spiritual advice on various platforms.

"Omkaram" is an astrological Show. It relates to the intellectual and higher endowments of the mind. In the show, Guruji tries to solve diverse issues of the viewers using "Ramana Sastram". It is an interactive show where the problems are heard over the phone calls. The problems are then analyzed, and their solutions are provided by Guruji. The show is good for spirituality improvement. The show is mostly watched by female viewers. It talks about the importance of parents in one's life, the importance of Bharani Nakshatra, Suvarna Danam.

Guruji addresses the topics like simple remedies to the problems in the life of a common man to the difficulties in the life of business tycoons. Vedas are the historic texts. The content of Vedas known to humanity was much more in the ancient Yugas as compared to now. With increasing crime in the world, it becomes necessary to make people aware of their real self. The show helps the audience to connect to their spiritual side leading them towards a happy and peaceful life.