Telugu Tv Show Nuvvu Nenu

Nuvvu Nenu Telugu TV SHOWS on Gemini TV

Nuvvu Nenu is a Telugu language TV show that aired on the channel Gemini TV during weekends in the year 2011. The show was hosted by anchor Udayabhanu. Nuvvu Nenu was a celebrity game show in which one or two celebrities are invited to play. The show has three rounds, namely, lucky chance, bhale chance, and bumper chance. The set is small, with two podiums arranged opposite each other and a screen at the back. The podiums are occupied by the guests on one side and the anchor the other. Each podium has a monitor that displays the images. In the first round, lucky chance, the image of a celebrity covered in 16 numerically-labelled bubbles is displayed.

The player needs to pick a number to reveal that part of the image. If they guess the person after revealing only one number within a minute, they get one lakh rupees. If they ask to reveal another number and guess it right within one minute, they receive 50 thousand rupees. If they guess it in the third and final chance, again within a minute, they receive 25 thousand rupees. The second round, bhale chance, is similar except half face of a celebrity is covered in any angle, and if the player guesses it right within 90 seconds, they receive 25 thousand rupees.

In the third round, bumper chance, the faces of two celebrities are morphed together. If the player identifies the two celebrities within 90 seconds, they receive 25 thousand rupees. In the end, the guest receives the amount they won in any one round, whichever is the highest. The remaining money goes to the first viewer who has sent a message identifying the celebrity. In between the rounds, the anchor interacts with the celebrities and gets to know more about their personal and professional lives.