Telugu Tv Show Moguds Pellams

Moguds Pellams Telugu Tv shows on Maa tv

Maa TV always brings most entertaining and realistic shows, for its Viewers. This time, Maa TV introduces a game celebrity reality show on the platter; Moguds Pellams (Mr. and Mrs.), to its viewer. The show is directed by Suresh Teja and produced by Tammreddy Bharadwaja, and the genre of the series is Reality Show. Serial actors Nanda Kishore and Meena anchored these shows. The Concept behind the show is to give a glimpse of the life of celebrity couples to the Viewers. This is a fixed series shows with limited episodes. Around 12 celebrity couples will participate in the Show.

There will be many tasks, games and puzzles to check the compatibilities, intimacy of the couples. On the basis of the tasks, eliminations will take place every week. At the end of the show, there will be only one couple who win the title of “Moguds Pellams” Couple. There will be a defined prize money and Trophy for the Winners. This Show depicts the beautiful journey of TV Celebs with their partners, their emotions, fights, romances, moments; letting them know each other better.

In a talk with the director; Suresh Teja said,” I always wanted to direct a show like this; viewers can easily connect with a show featuring their favourite celebrities from famous TV serials and TV celebrity couples. It is not easy to bring many celebrities for a show for so long. But my team is very happy that we did it.”

Anchor Shivaji, who is a talented actor and had done tremendous work in the TV and Film Industry; when asked about preparation said, ” I had previously done many shows. But this show is very creative, the idea behind this project is very fresh. And I don’t need to do any preparations, as all the couples participated; I know most of them very well. So I just need to be myself and enjoy the show. This show is going to be super fun for the viewers. ”

Another female Anchor for the show, beautiful and gorgeous Surekha Vani (Comedian and Actress) said,” This is my Husband’s as he is directing the project. I am very happy about this and Viewers once again going to giggle with my comedy skills ”. If you are looking to a real celebrity TV show, then this show is the best option for you. A must watch, to know your favourite celebrity better.