Telugu Tv Show Modern Mahalakshmi

Modern Mahalakshmi Telugu Tv shows on Maa tv

"Modern Mahalakshmi" is a Game Show Bio coming soon >> Read More... premiered on Maa TV. Roja is the host of the Show. Roja made her small-screen debut as the host of Modern Mahalakshmi. The shooting of the show was at Sarathi Studios, Hyderabad. As soon as the shooting of the episodes gets over, Roja blends with the contestants, who are all ladies. In the event that if some need to click a photo with her, others share their musings and Roja listens eagerly to every one of them. Modern Mahalakshmi is a diversion show with ladies in charge. Anil Kumar Bio coming soon... >> Read More... is the Director of this Show. Prasad Rao produced the Show.

Indeed, even as Roja makes her presentation as a host on TV, she is not new to the broadcast business. She showed up as the judge of a successful Dance Show. Roja is equally active in politics as she is in doing motion pictures. Later, the host changed. Anasuya was the host for some episodes. All the contestants participating in this Show are Women. These women play different games and complete tasks. Some of the games played by the ladies include `Opening The Box´ game, `Wearing The Jewellery´ game, `Bow And Arrow´ game, etc.

The host of the Show introduces the tasks to the participants. These challenges have to be completed by the contestants. Furthermore, the member who gets most points will be the Winner. The Show is aired every Monday to Friday at 1 pm on Maa TV. Contestants of the Show are mostly Anchors, Actors and Actresses from the Television Industry, etc. Anasuya, the host of Modern Mahalakshmi, perform a small dance piece at the beginning of every episode. Furthermore, the participants give a dance performance after every round. The show is particularly intended for ladies.

The South India Shopping Mall sponsored the Show Modern Mahalakshmi. Every episode of Modern Mahalakshmi displays a competition between six talented contestants. The first round of the game show is called ` Ala Modalaindi >> Read More... ´. In this round, the participants have to talk about a certain topic. The host of the Show decides and gives the subject to the contestants. Members should entirely converse in Telugu, or else their points will cut. The second round of this competition is `Chalaki Chandramuki´. In this round, the contestants have to open four boxes kept in front of them.

The time limit to complete this task is 30 seconds. The third round is known as `Aura Aura´. In this round, the contestants strike photos of a famous personality from Film and Television Industry with bows and arrows. According to the Star, a set of questions is asked to the participant. Each question carries ten marks each. In the fourth round entitled `Ringa Ringa´, the contestant need to pivot a ring and focuses are shared by chosen number. `Bangaram Singaram´ is the fifth round of the competition, every participant needs to enliven the jewelry set before them. They have to set all the jewelry within a time limit.