Telugu Tv Show Maa Voori Ruchulu

Maa Voori Ruchulu  Telugu TV SHOWS on ETV Life

ETV Life TV channel brought its another foodie, and a healthy show called Maa Voori Ruchulu. The TV show was aired on the TV screens of ETV Life in the year 2016. This is another special TV program telecast by the channel to promote the ancient cuisines. Maa Voori Ruchulu is a special cookery TV show.

The aim of this TV show is to promote the forgotten traditional cuisines cooked by our ancestors. These are those dishes which our grandparent’s favorite. Our grandparents and their parents used to cook these dishes in a traditional way, in traditional vessels, using a different kind of ingredients in their villages. The TV show brought to the audiences these ancient cuisines by highlighting those areas, those towns, cities, and villages from where these dishes originated.

These dishes have either been forgotten by this generation, or these dishes have lost their identity with the passage of changing time. In the TV show, these dishes are cooked in those traditional vessels only which are made of clay, copper, brass, bronze, and ceramic. The unique quality of the show is that they present the dish in a unique manner.

The kinds of dishes that have been prepared in the show are; Carrot Sorakaya Chapatti, Gummadikaya Koora, Munakkaaya Jeedipappu, Palak Samosa, Dahi Ghosh, Malai Koorma, Sweet Corn Kabab, Besar Laddu, Munnakaya Jeedipappu Kura, Chalmidi, Vankaya Endu Chepala Igru, Mutton Liver Chutney, Cauliflower Besan, Kajjikaayalu, Godumarawa Payasam, Ugadi Pachadi, Aalu Lollipop, Teepi Pesara Pappu, Paneer Kaja, Malai Kurma, Sunudalu, Peasarapappu Rava Kheer, Semiya Besibele Bath, Hyderabad Kichid, Nawabi Chicken, Mushroom Biryani, Vanakya Egg Curry, Sajja Kudumulu, Dry Fruits Cookies, Irani Chai, Nawabi Seekh Kabab, Kheema Samosa, Pumpkin Protein Payasam, Nawabi Chicken and Mushroom Biryani, Mutton Dalch, Kandi Dosa, Pala Oligalu, Tapila Billalu, Jana Utappam Brown Rice Pulav, Pesara Bedalatho pala Poori, Rice Cutlet and Maddur Vada, Ragi Rotte, Chiyalli and Mudu Pindi, Royala Iguuru, and many other tasty, and ancient dishes.

The TV show invited people from villages, towns, and cities who knew about the traditional dishes of their area; they also knew all about the ingredients and the method of preparing that traditional dish. These people would come on the show and, prepare the dish with the chefs. They would explain the origin of the dish the history of that dish, the history of the ingredients used, for whom in the old times that dish was made, and all other related facts. The show was full of knowledge, traditional elements, food, and fun. It was highly viewed by the audiences.