Telugu Tv Show Ko Ante Koti 1 Crore Show

Ko Ante Koti 1 Crore Show Telugu Tv shows on Gemini tv


The game shows mania seems to be taking the country by storm. It is a more of a search for answering seven quizzes and to win Rs 1 crore. The format of the show is quite different here when compared to others. Every contestant will be given Rs 1 crore cash in advance. It is a trap-door game show that allows one to win or lose money. Each installment begins with each player behind a sum of money valued at Rs 1 crore and the value is kept hidden from contestants until one wins. The others are dropped through a trap door. If any contestant answers all the seven questions, they can take money home or lose the amount and go back home empty-handed.

Even the setting of the show was quite unique and different. Four trapdoors were erected for the show. In each trapdoor, the answer for the questions was displayed. As per the rule of the show, a contestant had to put the money on the right answer. If any contestant was unaware of the answer, he could put the money on the trapdoor. But if his answer goes wrong, the money will fall and they will lose the money. The money game show featured quick-witted contestants who only could watch cash fall through the floor. The show did try to win audiences with tweaks to the traditional game-show format. ‘Ko Ante Koti 1 Crore Show’ was quite popular among the masses.