Telugu Tv Show Kitchen Yantra

Kitchen Yantra Telugu TV SHOWS on ETV Abhiruchi

ETV Abhiruchi brought another special TV show related to the kitchen. The name of this TV show is Kitchen Yantra. The TV show was aired in the year 2016.

This is a TV show which has been made by the ETV Abhiruchi TV channel to provide the information about the various products which could be used in the kitchen to the audiences. These products were not regular things present in the kitchen, but these are those products which have been recently invented. These kitchen instruments were modern and new. These instruments have been made to lessen the burden of the work in any kitchen.

The TV show host started the show by welcoming its audiences. Later on, she would pick a modern kitchen instrument, and start explaining to the audiences about that instrument. In each episode, a different instrument is picked, about which the host explains to the audiences. The instruments about which the host has explained in each episode are; Cookie Pressure, Fruit Infuser, Sprouts Maker with the Cover Holder, Potato Smasher, Easy Onion Chopper, Three in one Peeler, Garlic Peeler with Garlic Chopper, Induction Stove, Muffin Maker, Portable Hand Blender, Alloo Chips Cutter, Spiral Cutter, Egg Master, Bamboo Stick, French Fried Cutter, Hand Juicer, Electric Barbeque, Meat Grinder, Clever Cutter, Finger Guard, Handy Chopper, Pomegranate Cider, Hotdog Maker, Thermo Flask with Zipper Pouches, Chef Basket, Dove Maker, Charcoal Barbeque, Hand Blender, Cookies Cutter, Multi Micro Oven, Nonstick Milk Pan, Ponganalu Pan, Non-Stick Idli Cooker, Vada Maker, Veggie Cutter, All in One Mixer, Pop Up Toaster, Electric Multi Cooker, Pizza Maker, Wet Grinder, Mini Oven, Coffee Maker, Egg Boiler, Egg Cutter, Roti Maker, Ice Snow, Spice Grinder, and many other such instruments.

Not only the host would explain about the kitchen instrument, but she would explain how to use it. She would explain each part of that instrument. She would also show different ways to use it and also perform experiments with the instruments. She would cook light dishes to show the right use of the instrument to the audiences. There were some instruments which could be assembled and re-assembled she would also show to the audiences how that works.

The TV show provided a lot of knowledge with fun and, entertainment to its audiences. The audiences loved watching this TV show. The TV show made the heavy load of work lighter for the audiences. The audiences could go and buy the products that they like to lessen the load of their work. Safe and useful products were promoted in the show. The show still runs successfully on the ETV Abhriruchi TV channel.