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Comedy shows doing reality skits are the best things that have happened to Indian television history. Hindi language shows started it and then every other regional language started doing it. In Hindi, Sony TV started the show named comedy circus and then it became a super hit among viewers. Later the Telugu language started the same show with different names. Family Circus is a reality tv show aired on Zee Telugu. The tv show was inspired by the Hindi TV show comedy circus and was aired in 2014. It was a weekend show aired twice every week for more than one hour. The serial was presented by Tide detergent and other products. The show was judged by one of the best comedy actors from the Telugu industry. In the show, there were several contestants who used to perform in groups. One comedy skits were 5 to ten minutes long. After that judges used to give them scores based on each contestant's performances. Every other week one or two contestants were eliminated from the show. By doing that the contestants who got the most scores won the show.

Each week they used to have a different rounds of competitions. In different rounds, they were given props and other objects that they had to use in order to do their skirts. Sometimes males did their makeup as females and sometimes females were dressed as males to do different skits. Sometimes they did the play with only two contestants and sometimes more than 4 contestants. In one of episode, two male contestants played the part of a loving couple who are about to get married. They went on shopping and then a different things happened that made the skit into a laugh riot. In another episode, a guy played the part of a drunk husband and another guy played the part of his wife. They both had a fight about his drinking problem and it turned into a funny skit. If you love comedy skits and want to know more about the show watch it on Zee Telugu. You can also watch the show on the YouTube channel of Zee Telugu.