Telugu Tv Show Chakra Theertham



Chakra Theertham is a Telugu television series. The plot of the story of this series is totally based on the supernatural presence of a curse. It is slightly adapted from the novel of the same name where a powerful curse affects an entire society, and everyone struggles to get rid of it, and finally does away with the supernatural force of that curse. The show had been telecasted in the Telugu channel of ETV on weekdays, from Monday to Friday, at about 8:00 p.m. The story of this famous television series revolves around a mysterious supernatural power called Ugra Shakthi. What this power does is that it originates a very strong and powerful curse. This curse results in the death of a mother immediately when she gives birth to a child.

A family called Siri Puram Jamindar in this story had been cursed with this fate of being motherless children. Now how such powerful curse had been created is also shared in the story. It all began when KeerthiRayudu through a lot of rituals and spiritual activities achieves to create a majestic power called Ugrashakthi. This he does in the temple of the goddess preached by the people in the village. And then, he puts her, the goddess, responsible for the protection of the power. Meanwhile, the person who was responsible for inciting the will of Keerthi to create such a power decides to get rid of this situated power before it can even begin to harm him. So, he consults a tantrika for his rescue.

What the tantrika does is humiliate and demoralize Keerthi’s sister, who was the person responsible for conducting the regular rituals to protect the power of Ugra Shakthi. The tantrika achieves in manipulating the sister and results in havoc because she stops conducting the regular rituals. Even after being repeatedly told by the village goddess through hints, she fails to come out of the tantrika’s influence, and she continues to not preach the power. As a result, the village goddess is enormously humiliated and decides to leave the village forever. But before she leaves, she plants the same curse on the same family which was responsible for the creation of the power. The actual story of the show begins from here, where the family that is cursed struggles and strives to get rid of this throbbing curse. And their journey in doing away with this supernatural force becomes the main plot of this television series.