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Telugu Tv Show Bindaas

Bindaas Telugu TV SHOWS on ZEE TELUGU

Bindaas is a reality tv show that aired on Zee Telugu. The show was hosted by Sangeetha, one of the Telugu movie actresses. The show started on 6th march 2013 and telecasted once a week. The show was broadcast every Wednesday at 9.30 pm. Each episode was 45 to 50 minutes long. In each episode, three celebrity pairs were invited to play four rounds of different games. In each round, there was a prize to win from 1 rupee to 1 lakh. The one who played the best won the maximum money. The show started with Sangeetha introducing every pair who was there to play in the show. They all did a dance performance to please the audience after that they were assigned to a team and given a name.

There were three stages, and these pairs had to stand beside each stage. After that Sangeetha started the game by telling them the rules. After explaining the rules she started the first round. In the first round, they had to play for one rupee. And the amount was kept increasing after every question or task whatever they had to do in around. The first round was called Bol Bachhan. In the game, they showed a picture and then asked several questions related to that picture. They had to answer these questions. In the first round they had to tell ten things related to that particular picture and won money from 1 to 10 then 100, 1000, 10000 and so on. After the third round, the team who had won the minimum amount of money was eliminated, and then only two teams played the fourth round. In this round, the person who won the maximum amount of money was declared the winner of the show. Some of these questions were for 1000 rupees, and some of them were for 10000 rupees.