Telugu Tv Show Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1

Bigg Boss Telugu  Telugu TV SHOWS on Maa TV

Bigg Boss is a reality television show in the Telugu language that airs on the channel, Star Maa. Star Maa is a satellite entertainment channel in the Telugu language and is part of the Star India Network. Big Boss Telugu is the Telugu version of the show which premiered its very first season in the year 2017. The show was launched on Sunday, 16th July 2017. The show is currently being telecasted everyday of the week for one hour to one and a half hour. Big Boss is celebrity reality show inspired by the original Dutch show, Big Brother.

The show, Big Boss, was originally a Hindi reality show, currently hosted by Bollywood star Salman Khan, which has reached its eleventh season already. This is the first time the show has been made in Telugu with an all-Telugu celebrity list and host. The format of the show brings fourteen celebrities of the Telugu media fraternity together under one roof, literally! The show brings all these celebrities together in one single house where they spend 70 days together, with no connection to the outer world. The celebrities have to spend their time with no one to their company except for each other, with a limited number of clothes,their essentials, a limited food supply, and no connection to the outside world!

The show tests their patience, their behaviors, and how they co-exist with the other contestants, keeping their cool and using their wit. Their every movement and action is monitored by the cameras installed in every corner of the entire house. The entire house has a total of 60 cameras installed, including night vision cameras that can record their activities after the lights go out. So the celebrities have to literally say goodbye to their privacy. The celebrities also have to follow certain ground rules laid down by Big Boss. Big Boss is the voice that guides and instructs then throughout the show in the house. No one knows the face of the man; however the voice is referred to as Big Boss. The celebrities have to wake to an alarm and go to sleep as per a pre-decided routine by the Big Boss.

They always have to wear the microphone given to them so that all their conversations are audible to the audience. They can talk in no other language than Telugu and they cannot use abusive language at any point. There is also a set of punishment pre-decided for breaking any of these rules. During the show, the Big Boss gives them various solo or group or even secret tasks to complete in the house. The show often puts these contestants against each other and tests their resilience and smartness. One contestant is evicted from the house on Saturday, each week.

The final winner of the show as voted by the audience watching them nationwide gets prize money of 50 lakh rupees. The celebrities in the first season of the show are Telugu actresses Archana, Jyothi, and Mumaith Khan. The Telugu actors in the show are Aadarsh, Hari Teja, Prince Cecil, Sameer, Sampoornesh Babu, and Siva Balaji.The show also has television host Kathi Karthika, singers Kalpana Raghavender and Madhu Priya, comedian Dhanraj , and film critic Mahesh Kathi. Later on, actress Diksha Panth , and actor Navdeep enter the house as wild card entries. The show is hosted by the Telugu heartthrob, actor Jr. NTR.