Telugu Tv Show Big Celebrity Challenge Season 2

Big Celebrity Challenge Season 2 belonged to the reality genre. It telecasted on Zee Telugu. The host of the show was Pradeep Machiraju. Big Celebrity Challenge is one of its kind show in the regional entertainment segment where guest celebrities bet on a common talent. Talent which is a skill possessed or natural aptitude put viewers in a state of awe. It aired on every Sunday at 9:30 pm. The previous season of Big Celebrity Challenge has succeeded in finding some supreme talents in front of the audience and so the new season was back to continue doing what it is best at. It started from 18th December. In the second episode, actors Salony, Naveen along with director Sathyababu came to the show.

The first round had a statement prediction no or yes round is done in which person has to slice a lemon in different ways. The person had to do a balancing act on the pole for the second challenge. In every challenge, the celebrities have to predict the failure or success of the act. Then came the cast of serial, Muddha Mandaram, on the set. In this episode, the first challenge was a rope act in which girl had to a balance stick on her hands while doing rope act.

The second challenge had physically disabled people performing an act with wheel chairs. After that came small screen celebrities, Racha Ravi, Mythili, Manasa, and Adi to the show. In the first challenge, one person had to create fire touching the second person. The second challenge was to perform the Malkarm art by a team. Now, the celebrities to come on the show were Samantha, Sravani, Meghana, and Karuna. The first challenge had a person standing upside down and balancing another person by his legs. In the second challenge, one person makes another strike blows by hammer on his body’s personal parts. The next episode has Anasuva coming on the show along with some drama juniors.

The first challenge had a person sketching Mahatma Gandhi using light art, and the second challenge was of performing Malkam art. Then came Prabhakar and his family members as the guest on the show. The first challenge had a team performing wheel act while the second challenge had a person flying in the air while sitting on a chair without any support. The ninth episode had lead actresses of different shows coming up. The first challenge had a person painting any sketch in just two minutes, and a person jumps from fifteen feet of height in the second challenge. The next to come on the show were kids from Drama Juniors. In the first challenge, a person shot apple which was placed at a long distance with his arrow and bow; while the second challenge had a team performing various feats on the trampoline.

In the next episode, Kaushik, Summit, Alaknanda, and Priyanka came on the show. The first challenge had a person balancing a ladder weighted 20kgs with his teeth, while in the second challenge, a person had to move his body parts on music while balancing four persons on his body. The next to come was the team of the movie, Katamaravudu. The challenges were to rotate two footballs on hands for sixty seconds and to rotate five cart wheels by a person on his body. Then came the lead actors of Punnaga.

The challenges were to lift a bicycle with teeth while riding another bicycle and to blow off some candles with the punch by a team. Again, five kids from Drama Juniors came on the show. The challenges were to rotate a ring standing upside down by a girl and also to rotate twenty rings at once, and performing a lion dance on a six feet pole. The next celebrities to come on the show were four singers of Telugu Film Industry. The challenges were to perform an ariel act at fifteen feet using a single rope and to place fire on the head by a person and then to break approximately ten tiles on it.