Telugu Tv Show Big Celebrity Challenge

Big Celebrity Challenge Telugu TV SHOWS on ZEE TELUGU

Zee Television Entertainment Network Private Limited had various regional channels under its goodwill, name, fame, and brand name. One such broadcaster was Zee Telugu. Zee had presented various reality shows throughout their span of their incorporation. Apart from the television serials like American Ammayi etc. they had shifted their focus now on different events.

They had initially planned to strive on the singing and dancing competitions. These reality programs had a proven record of increasing the T. R. P. in the history of the broadcasting network. However, there was never a serial on a mass level dealing with the dance movements of famous actors and actress in the entire State. Hence, big celebrity challenge had the pseudonym called the first of the classification.

The participants had a variety of dancing talents that led them to participate in the gallantry. The notable ones among them include Swathi Ragu Reddy, Soneeya, and Naveen Chandra. It was very evident that they all had established their respective bases at acting in the television serials. The producers later announced that the anchors and judges had popularity among the Tollywood crowd. The official notification of the appointment on the lead competed came on the night of the penultimate week of scheduled airing.

The Twitter tweet from the host made his fans in the limelight. The Director later released a press statement that to add sugar to the sweet we had signed a full term contract for the first season of B. C. C. We are happy to work with such great stars of the Telugu Cinemas. The format of the event had that the contestants had to dance on the various journals of dancing that includes freestyle, classical, western, fusion, devotional, property, fancy dressing, and hip hop. There had initial proposal to have an elimination at each round. However, due to the increasing skill levels, the judges had forced to postpone eliminations to a further point.