Telugu Tv Show Bathroom Singer

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Bathroom Singer is a reality show which used to air on Sahara Filmy channel. The name of the show was named after the concept of bathroom singing done by many people. The first episode of the reality show was aired in August 2007. The auditions of the show took place in Mumbai on 24 July at the Goregaon Sports Club from 9 AM onwards. The show is searching for singing talent and will be telecast every Sunday at 9 PM. In the first episode, auditions are currently being conducted to find the talent which could bring the whole industry to its knees.

The judges of the show include singer turned composer ShibaniKashyap and the Bhojpuri actor Ravi Kishan. Thus the format of the serial will not only focus on the singing talent of the contestants but also the entertainment part i.e. entertainment quotient. The second episode of the show shows that the auditions have been finished and thus the next week of the show will show that the first round will take place which will be held among the participants. This new reality show is about ordinary people who want to lead their journey to their stardom.

Thus the show is a hunt show for the entire untrained singer people who can capture the hearts of millions with their unique combination of singing and entertainment. The show has been presented by Gaurav Gera. It is both Gaurav and Ravi who add to the humour part of the show and make the spirits of the audience and participants upright. Each episode is around 52 min and was originally aired in Hindi language and then in the Kannada language. The last part was shown in December 2007.

Shailesh Kapoor who is the content and marketing head of filmy said that this serial is meant to be a platform for a common man, irrespective of his/her background in music. Thus the audience would be excited to see the contest held among people who are not trained, singers. It is just that they like to sing and want to become a popular face through their talent. Thus Sahara Filmy comes up with a different and unique idea of bathroom singers. It won’t be wrong to say that it is a competition for music buffs and not trained singers.

Thus the show becomes a favourite serial seen by the viewers and in turn helped in getting a lot of TRPs.