Telugu Tv Show Bangaru Kutumbam

Bangaru Kutumbam Telugu TV SHOWS on ZEE TELUGU

It is a most popular Telugu show telecasted on Zee Telugu at 9:30 PM on Monday. Andhra Pradesh culture and tradition is very famous for bonding and relationship among family members. They have a close and friendly attachments towards their parents, brothers, sisters, brother-in-laws including friends as well. Because of such bonding, it is common to have emotional feelings towards each other. These feelings sometimes are so sweet and are of a positive attitude.It is not possible for everyone to have the same feelings all the time. So sometimes there arise such situations where their emotions are vice-versa. But their feelings are they have lots of love and affection towards each other.

To show all these differences in feelings, love, and affection among different family members for the first time in the television history, Zee Telugu started a special show named “BANGARU KUTUMBAM”. This show is totally a family based show hosted by the most happening host ‘JHANSI’. She is a very famous anchor who hosted many of the famous shows as well as audio release functions of the top most movies. She is not only a host but also an actress as well and acted in some of the important roles. She is one of the main reasons for the success of the show. Her proficiency in speaking and conducting the show is very popular in the Telugu industry. As we look at the details of the show, this is a kind of game show between two families of Telugu Silver screen.

In this, the participants are from two serials where they compete with each other in winning the show. There would be several rounds wherein the actors put their best to make their families win. Though the people acting in a serial would be from different backgrounds, they work as the same family trying hard together to win over the other family i. E, the people from other serial. In this process of winning and losing they get closer to each other getting out with their feelings and so on. In this game show if a person wins he will not take it as his personal victory, instead he considers as the triumph of his family.

Though this show is organized and held by the Zee Telugu team this game show is not specified to the players from the only channel. Instead, it is played by many teams including people from different serials and different channels. Totally, in short, it is a fun- filled game show with two different groups but at the end, they all belong to the same family. As a whole, this game show depicts very neatly of the family affections and most importantly of the unity required to win.