Telugu Tv Show Abhiruchi

ETV Abhiruchi is a lifestyle show that relates to content about health, beauty, fashion, fitness, etc. It was telecast from Monday to Friday 12 PM onwards and in Saturday and Sunday 3 PM onwards. There were four segments in the show. "Vantalu Pindi Vantalu" is the first segment, where viewers could learn a different kind of cuisine from different chefs. In the second segment, viewers got to know how to make sweets and snacks. The third segment was about "Beautiful Health". As the name suggest, viewers get all the tips for nutrition to keep fit. The last section was "Nazrana" Where one got all beauty tips. This Show was very famous among the women. The reason was that it provided recipes information and strategies to look younger, fresher and healthier. From glowing skin to vibrant hair and nails. These secrets kept viewers watching the show and feel how they could turn beautiful.