Telugu Tv Serial Ye Maaya Chesave

Ye Maaya Chesave Telugu TV SERIALS on Maa TV

Love is the most beautiful feeling. It is the emotion that rules the world and stories related to love are the best. Romance is the most popularly demanded genre by the Indian audience. Serials based on love is highly popular with the people of the youth. These shows gain high popularity and fame. ‘Ye Maaya Chesave’ is a romantic drama show on Star Maa TV Network and features the story of two love birds Ajith and Vividha. This serial got initially aired on Star Plus with the name ‘Jaana Na Dil Se Door.’ Due to its immense success and demand, it was dubbed in the Telugu language.

The show was directed by Rahib Siddiqui and produced by Yash A Patnaik and Mamta Yash Patnaik. The program was started on 8th August 2016. The plot of the story shows Vividha who is a bubbly young girl who lives her life in Ajmer. The story also shows Vividha’s father Kailash who is a very stubborn and rude person who believes that love relations be made according to family status. The male character lead of the story is ‘Atharva’ who belongs to an impoverished family and lives with his mother, Sujata. Vividha happens to fall in love with Atharva because of his opinions, motivation, and positivity.

Atharva starts falling in love with Vividha too, but Kailash was strictly against their relationship and tried various ways to separate them. Vividha and Atharva’s marriage gets fixed and the wedding preparations start, but Kailash beats Atharva on their wedding night and forces him to marry Ravish. Vividha marries Ravish to stop his father from killing Atharva. Vividha then continues her married life with Ravish and later on discovers that Atharva is alive but is mentally imbalanced. The later part of the story shows the real face of Kailash, Vividha’s father and his motives behind forcing Vividha to marry Ravish.

Atharva’s mother Sujata comes to know that Vividha is Ravish’s wife and therefore decides to leave Ravish’s house. Vividha then confesses his love for Atharva and Ravish decides to reunite them. The rest of the story shows the reunion of Vividha and Atharva after various odds. The serial had total 165 episodes and ended on 30th March ,2017. This story is one of the most popular shows due to the juvenile couple, and it is highly famous among the audience. The casts of the serial include Shivani Surve, Vineet Kumar, Vikram Singh Chauhan, Prashant Bhar , Shashank Vyas and many others.